Montara for sale Alentejo, Portugal
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The Power House This is where the deep bore well, submerged pump, water filter equipment and the main Mains electrical board are housed. The Outhouses One of the rooms is used to store back up equipments, tables and chairs. The larger room serves as garage for the tractor and anything to do with the land. The other room is used to store burning wood and communicates through a lower opening to the kennel. 
The land There is a mesa where in the old days corn was separated from the cob, surrounded by pine trees. Other spaces are occupied by orange, lemon, fig and olive trees. On the up side of the hill there´s the vineyard. The Pool The pool measures about 9 x 6 Mts with a halfmoon with steps for access. The walls and bottom are covered with miniature blue tiles. A filtering unit as well as other pool equipment (chemicals, Creepy Crawlley. etc) are housed in the area under the wall painted in yellow where there is also a full functional toilet , a wash basin and a shower facility.