Montara for sale Alentejo, Portugal
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We bought Montara in 1965 to become our permanent home for a well deserved retirement. The Monte was then in a state of ruin like so many in this part of the High Alentejo, Portugal. No longer now, the majority of the 90 montes in the Covoes area were bought, rebuilt and modernised to be lived in again. What happened to the previous occupants? After the 1974 revolution and a life of hard work they sold their ancestral homes to people from the cities and founded the village of Alcorrego, a few kilometers away. A couple of years ago we realized that time and tide waits for no man and soon or later a decision to let others enjoy our lovely nonte  had to be taken. I am now 80 and Anita, my wife of 55 years, is 76 years old. We may need specialised care as old age creeps in. Our grand children are adults and lead professional lives which do not leave them time to enjoy the monte regularly. This is the reason why we have to say good bye to Montara.  
Montara (Monte Ara) has been with us for the last 21 years. It is time to say goodbye
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