Montara for sale Alentejo, Portugal
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The Guest rooms
One of the Monte best features are the 4 guest’s rooms which allowed us to provide sleeping accomodation to family, friends and accasionally to rent the rooms for short or long stays. Each room can accomodate 2 persons, 2 rooms have twin beds, another a double bed and the other has 2 hammocks (great for the kids) as well as a collapsible bed and a settee that converts into a bed. All rooms are en-suite with storage area and independent entrances. The  room renting facility and the opportunity to generate an income must be and it is actually registered with the local authority (Camara de Avis). There is no tax to be paid as long as this business - if run as a business - amounts to a turnover under € 10,000 p.a., which was never the case with us.
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