Montara for sale Alentejo, Portugal
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The Leisure Area with BBQ
A very large oak table serves for breakfast, lunches and dinners most of the times. There are 8 director’s chairs. A balcony adjacent to the BBQ has running water facilities. This is the place we use for large gatherings. Anita’s 65 year birthday hosted a party for more than 30 friends and neighbours and even included a 15 strong local folk choir which sung and danced into the night. This was a night to remember. We threw fireworks and a couple of firemen joined the party with a fire engine shoud an unruly rocket fall and start a fire somewhere.
The Wing When we bought the Nonte it only had one house which is the one with the chimney in the top picture, this was duly restored and modernised. However, we left some 45cms thick old walls to keep the  “soul”of the house in, so to speak. The new wing was built from anew and provided the space we required to welcome family or friends staying overnight. The Garage
The garage is used to keep our Alentejo wheels, a jeep Nissan Terrano II that, in spite of 20 years old has only 102,000 Km on the clock. Besides the jeep another car fits comfortably inside the garage  which also has 2 other rooms, a workshop and  washing room with 2 cupboards for household consumables plus a corner cupboard to keep games and other odds. All our equipment for wine making is also kept and run in the garage.